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10 Great HTML Email Designs

Improvements in email clients and the rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones are affecting HTML email design and creating the opportunity for more visually pleasing results.

For example, the new Yahoo! mail can load images by default and read more standard CSS layouts. What's more, some mobile email clients are actually more advanced — in terms of which technologies they support — than are desktop email clients.

These changes are important because email marketing is important.

"If I were to add up all the revenue I've generated over the years and divide it by marketing channel, email would easily take the lion's share," wrote Brandon Eley in Online Marketing Inside Out.

Knowing how best to present an offer or product in an HTML email relies on experience and testing. So getting design ideas from others is an excellent way to get started with a redesign or an initial design. In this article, you will find 10 great examples of HTML emails. These are not only attractive, but also tended to display well in multiple browsers.

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